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Meet our team

The Ocean Breath team!

At Ocean Breath, we provide a personalised experience of wellness and discovery where you will enjoy a transformational journey designed as an antidote to the pressures of modern-day life. Located at Barcelona Beach we are the only centre who combines the pleasures of the beach with a nearly endless array of activities, such as Ice Baths, Breathwork and Meditation sessions, Breathwork and Neuroscience Teacher Trainings, Beach and Rooftop Yoga and Sunrise Paddle Surf.

What we do!

Ice bath breathwork-ocean-breath-barcelona-4.jpg
Ice bath breathwork-ocean-breath-barcelona-3.jpg
Ice bath breathwork-ocean-breath-barcelona2.jpg
Ice bath breathwork-ocean-breath-barcelona.jpg

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Mar Bella Beach, Barcelona | 1 hr. 

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Hotel W, Barcelona | 1.5 hr. 

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Mar Bella Beach, Barcelona | 1.5hr. 

From €35.00

swim trainning-oceanbreathbarcelona.jpg

Mar Bella Beach, Barcelona | 1  hr. 

From €15.00

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